Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How do I know what size to choose?
Each dress comes with a size chart on the product information page. For details on how to use this chart and how to take measurements on your child visit our measurements page.
2. Are these dresses floor length or tea length?
Most of our dresses fall between the knee and the ankle, however, the length of the dress is going to depend on the height of the child. The length measurement on the chart is the best way to determine how the garment will look on your child.
3. Can I buy several dresses and just send back the ones I don't want?
We very much discourage ordering this way. We keep almost all of the dresses you see listed physically in our possession. If you order more dresses that you want it takes away from another customer who may need that style and size. Because we keep the prices of our line so close to cost we can not tie up our inventory in this way. If you need help making your selection please feel free to contact us by email.
4. Can I place my order over the phone?
You can place your order online or over the phone. We recommend that you place your order online for the fastest processing. We have one phone line and with our call volume it is often busy. We are regularly returning calls for customers who are in an emergency or in need of rush services. Also, your tracking and delivery information will be automated to you if your order is placed online. This is the best way to keep track of your order.
5. Can I visit you?
 Unfortunately, we are no longer open to the public for customers to try on our merchandise. We are primarily an internet based business and know that you want to receive your garments in perfect condition. We are doing this to ensure the quality of your items that you order online have not been worn, soiled, or pulled at. We want you to receive garments direct from the manufacturer as the come from the garment bags we receive them in. For this reason the general public will no longer be allowed to handle and touch the merchandise. Now we can assure the only person between you and your order is a trained specialist.
6. Can you help me select a size?
Sure, we would love to help. Some one is available to help you with sizing questions between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. Please email us with the following information: your child's age, chest measurement, and waist measurement, also the length measurement from the shoulder to where you think your dress should fall to the floor. We will help guide you in selecting a garment with our helpful staff and help you make a choice to the best of our ability, however, remember we are not there to measure your child and any returns made due to sizing issues will still need to follow the return policy.
7. Can you send me a swatch?
Unfortunately, we are not the manufacturer so swatches are not available.
8. Do I need to sign for a package?
It is not necessary to sign for a package. However, if you want to make sure you do have signature confirmation, please request it at the time of your purchase. If you are in a busy or community location are your local post office may reserve the right to require a signature before dropping it off to you. If your shipping address is different from your billing address we do require a signature upon delivery. An additional 2 dollar charge is required.
9. Do your dresses run true to size?
Every cut is different. Typically, the age of the child reflects the size. Although, we measure each garment to provide you with a guideline these measurements can vary 1 - 2 inches. We recommend you measure your child and select a garment 1- 2 inches larger than the childs measurements.
10. How are you able to provide such low prices for high quality designer dresses?
We deal directly with American companies and have years invested in relationships with manufacturers while negotiating the best deals. You will not find our prices at any of your wedding bridal stores.
11. How can I track my package?
Once we have printed your shipping label we will email you with your tracking information. You can track your package from our site here or at If you don't still have your email with your tracking number you can find it by logging into your account by clicking the order status button at the top of the home page.
12. How do I fill out an RMA?

Please contact us.  RMA requests must be communicated to us via email or our Live Chat Support. We accept almost all return requests that fall inside our policy. Please visit our shipping and returns page for policy details.

13. How do I measure my child?
The length measurement is taken from the shoulder to the hem. Hold the tape measure at the middle of the shoulder and follow it to the floor. The total inches of the measurement chart is where the garment will fall on the child. The chest measurement is taken under the armpit. The waist measurement is taken two finger widths above the belly button. For detailed information on how to take a measurement please visit our measurements page.
14. How do I send my package back to you?
You must contact us first before sending back a return. Items may be shipped to different locations depending on weather they came from our Alabama store or Mass store. Returns must also be approved. We are here to help you, so please do contact us.
15. How long before my wedding should I order?
Remember, if you choose to order your dresses online this is a mail order business. Traditionally, mail order items can take up to 30 days to ship. Typically, we ship much faster and your items arrive in about a week however its always a good idea to take into consideration the time you may want to try on your dresses and see if they suit you. We will accept a wear date by which you can have you items delivered, however, think about your schedule and what you may need to do to make sure everything is suitable to your time frame. We recommend to buy your dresses about one to two months in advance but think about how this fits your schedule. Should you find a garment you have your hear set on, we recommend you order as soon as possible. All our inventory is subject to availability from the manufacturer and can change without notice.
16. How long do I have to decide if I want to make a return?
We recommend you fill out your rma as soon as you know you would like to return a product. Items must be sent back within 3 days of receipt.
17. How will my package arrive?
Your package will come by United States Post Office. Please make sure your shipping address is listed as deliverable by your local post office.
18. I have a tracking number but the information is not provided at the website. Why?
We may print your shipping label at any time during the processing period. You will receive this message immediately, however, you item is marked in the shipping department. Your item will not begin the shipping process until it is scanned in. USPS updates its electronic information each night. Please check back later in the evening for an update. You will need to wait until your shipping label is updated before you can read your information. Once in a while the labels are not scanned properly if this if this is the case please call us. We will be happy to assist in making sure you can track your package.
19. I see a sale or clearance dress on back order. How long will it take to come it?
Unfortunately, if you see a marked down dress it is because it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We can no longer order these dresses. Our stock charts will tell you how many pieces of each size are available however any item that is sold out will say back ordered on every dress including clearance dresses. Please do not order a back ordered size on a marked down, sale, or clearance dress. You can tell a clearance, sale, or discontinued item by the red slash through the original price. If you accidentally order on of these sizes your order will automatically be canceled and some one will contact you.
20. If an item is marked Pre-Order how long does it take to ship?
We kindly ask that customers read our policy when it comes to pre-ordered items. 90% of the time a pre-order item will ship in about one week, however they can take up to 30 business days depending on the manufacturer availability. If you are unsure if you will get a dress in time for your wear date email us and we will check availability before you place your order.
21. If my garment is damaged what do I do?
We carefully inspect all of our garments before we ship them to you to make sure they are free of damage, tears, or marks. Should you find something on your garment that you feel is damaged you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery of your item. If you notify us immediately we will replace your item free of charge. We recommend you open your package as soon as you receive it. We will not accept any damaged returns after 24 hours of delivery.
22. My item says delivered but I don't have it. What do I do?
Once an item has been scanned by the post office as delivered it is documented that your order has reached you. We can try to help you by locating your package, however, please be careful that your item is being delivered to a safe location away from foot traffic. If you feel that your item is not safe being left at its delivery address please ask for a signature confirmation.
23. What if the size chart doesn't match?
When a new style comes to our catalog we measure each size as it arrives and post it for you to review. The size chart is meant to be a guideline and each cut may vary 1-2 inches. In some cases the manufacturer may change the size measurements in the width and length with out telling us from season to season. Although, we will correct these charts as they are brought to our attention we may not catch every one. The customer acklowledges this may happen and the size chart may be incorrect, because of this we will be happy to double check each garment before you place an order. If you are concerned about a measurement please call us before you place your order and we will pull the size you want and take the measurements from that garment and discuss with you your needs. We will be happy to take all the time you need to help make the best selection. We will also be happy to accept any returns due to sizing issues however, the return policy does apply in the case of these inaccuracies.
24. Where are your items made?
95% of our inventory is made in America from some of the highest quality dress makers in the world. We are able to provide you with garments sold at top line bridal shops.
25. Where do you ship?
We ship both domestic and international. If you are outside the US, UK, or Canada please email us for inquiry.
26. Where is my free shipping?
All orders inside the United States that total over $100 are entitled to free shipping. If your order does not total over $100 there is a shipping fee. If you are outside the United States there is a shipping fee.
27. Which items can not be returned?
Hairpieces, underwear, socks, sashes, and accessories can not be returned. Also, clearance, sale, discontinued or items marked down can not be returned for any reason. Items can not be returned if they are on clearance even if the items were purchased while not on clearance. Womens dresses are special order and can not be returned. The customer understands that these item are final sale. Overnight express orders can not be returned for any reason. If you placed a wear date with your order you must return the dress before your wear date has passed.
28. Why was my return refused?
Oh no! We don't want to refuse anyone's return! However, if your name or order number is not on the box we do not know who the package is from and we will not know it is yours. Please double check and make sure that your order number and name is on the box. That's why is states on our returns page to write your rma on 3 sides of the box. Of course we will not refuse it if you only write it once and we see this. However, the reason we state this is to ensure we dont over look your rma if it is not written clearly or large enough. We want to process your order as quickly as possible.
29. Will my dress look exactly like the picture?
99% of our photos are stock photos given to the manufacturer. You will receive the same style and cut that the manufacturer has made to go along with the stock photo. The customer must realize that every monitor may show a different shade or brightness of color. Dresses can also vary in dye lot, embellishments, ribbons, and measurements. The customer must realize that if a specific shade or detail is necessary it may be a better idea to order your garment in a boutique where you can hold it and feel it in your hand. We will do our best to catch any detail variation and list it in the description, however, manufacturers can change details with out notice and we are not responsible for these detail changes. We will happily accept a return for any garments that a customer does not wish to keep for any of these reasons, however the return policy does apply under these circumstances. If you are ordering dresses for the same wedding party you must order them together to ensure close dye lot.
30. How do I read your stock chart?
The stock chart is simple. Each dress style shows a chart to the right hand side. Listed here are the sizes in which the dress is made, and how many pieces of each size is available in stock in our store location today. If the size of the dress says Pre-Order next to it it means that the dress is available from the manufacturer but not in stock in our store. We have to order the dress and will do so as soon as you place your order. Typically these pre-order items arrive in our store in one to two weeks, but can take up to 30 days depending on manufacturer availability.