The Children's Dress Shop is the only shopping for childrens formal wear that allows you to shop today and pay later!

Would you like to secure your items today before the are out of stock or become unavailable?

There are many reasons why one would want to place an order with us on lay away. We have found this is a simple solution to a commonly asked question that customers have when browsing our catalog. Since we specialize in flower girl dresses, every day we answer the question

      "My wedding is in 5 months. I love a particular style. Will this dress be available in 5 months when I'm ready to buy?"

Of course, the answer is yes and no. Since we are not the manufacturer of the items we sell we can not guarantee when the item you love will ba taken off the line of any specialty designer. However, we have been doing this for a very long time and we are very good at helping make arrangments to get you exactly the product you want.

Our layaway program will allow you to put your order together today and pay only half in order to reserve your dress and guarantee that wew ill hold it for you before some one else buys it or it is no longer available from the manufacturer.

Another great way to use the layaway program is for your perfect prom dress. It happens often that the perfect evening gown appears before you but you just need a little more time to buy the dress that fits your budget. Now, you don't have to worry about someone finding the dress after you and purchasing the last one in your size. You can put your dress on layaway today and have it ready to be shipped as soon as you choose.

Easy steps to reserve your item on layaway.

1. Order online just as you would if you were buying today. Except select the "Pay by Check" option during the check out. This will send your order to us immediately so we know to take your dresses out of the inventory before anyone else selects them.

2. Fill out the form below and be sure to sign.

3. Add the form along with your check for 50% of your payment and mail it to our distribution office

Children's Dress

c/o Ms. Tynan

130 Middle St.

Waterbury, CT

Lay Away Form

Remember to complete your order online and select pay by check at the time of check out.

Name : ___________________________________________________


Item 1: (Style Number-Size-Color)___________________________


Item 2: (Style Number-Size-Color)___________________________


Item 3: (Style Number-Size-Color)___________________________


Item 4: (Style Number-Size-Color)___________________________


Item 5: (Style Number-Size-Color)___________________________



50% (or more) Down Payment:

Total Amount Due:

Todays Date:

You have 60 days from the time your payment is received to complete your order. If you would like more than 60 days please contact us to make arrangements. This is a flexible guideline. You may cancel your order, however, your deposit is non refundable and will be lost after 60 days if the customer does not ask to extend the 60 day period.


Childrens Dress Shop Lay Away Program