About us

Children's Dress Shop

We work like busy bees all day to process and ship out online orders, when you order online have you ever wondered where your garment are coming from, or if the site you are visiting even exists?

At Childrens Dress Shop you don't need to spend one second wondering who we are and where we come from.

As of 2011 our Waterbury store location is now closed. The reason for this is to ensure that your mail order package arrives to you in a completely new condition free from others trying on items, finger prints, or damage in any way. These items are kept in stock in out customer receiving outlet in Waterford, CT specifically for preparation for your home delivery.

Our priority is to get your mail order items to you direct from the manufacturer free from any one else handling or touching your product.

Our inventory is carefully stored in our mail order processing buildings waiting to be loved by you.

Our store is 2 floors packed with flower girls dresses from ceiling to floor.

We delight in helping bridal families in person. It is one of the most fun bonuses about selling little girls dresses, however, our store will now be off limits to public display in order to make sure the mail order selection you receive is free of stains, tears, and oily finger prints. We want to make sure the garments you receive when you order from our online catalog are new and fresh from the manufacturer intact with original garment bags, hangars, and tags. We know you do to! In order to ensure this we must make sure that our inventory is not handled by any one other than us until you get it in your hands.

We really do have 10,000 dresses in stock!