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Our shop by color page allows you to find your dress selection in the color theme you need for your specialty event. Of our 1500 styles, each design comes in its own series of beautiful shades. Here you can view the color of your choice in each style for every design at the click of a button.

white flower girl dress

White Flower Girl Dresses

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2015 Special Occasion Wear : Shop by Color
Beautiful, Formal Flower Girl Dresses for Less than your average boutique

The Children's Dress Shop is a specialty boutique that carried name brand designer formal dresses for girls made in America.  Our grand size catalog of flower girl dresses is extensive and includes incredibly affordable, on-sale prices targeted with at least a 75% discount over all  other retail stores. Our dress collection is not only ideal for your next family wedding event, but these heirloom garments can certainly be handeddown to the lesser siblings again for formal parties, events, or any holiday, or  special occasion! We offer you & your family the biggest selection of boutique dresses designed specifically to make her feel like a princess. Browse our catalog for a chic collection of trendy dress & gown styles made just for your precious little girl, and available in all sizes ranging from 6 months (infants/toddlers) up to 16+ (girl size).
At the Children's Dress Shop your options are far from limited. Our dresses are made available to order in a cascade of colors & feature customizable-color sashes to match your little lady's complete look!

You'll be amazed by our collection of fancy flower girl dresses and ring bearer suits. This wonderful assortment features ready-made high quality styles designed using the finest of fabrics including: crystal organza, poly-silk, silks, taffeta, satin,  and more! Our diverse selection is built to help you find a portrait-perfect flower girl dress to seemlessly match the wedding theme & color scheme!  We understand just how absolutely important it is to have the shade of any wedding ceremony to be thoughtfully accentuated & framed by the touch of fashionable fancy dresses! We allow our customers to have access to every shade possible, and can leave instructions when placing their order online to guarantee 100% efficiency!

Browse through our inventory of original designs and gorgeous formal wear with thousands of items  & new products arriving on our line daily.You will be sure to find the perfect dress that's waiting for you. Take advantage of our helpful online tools; filter our available inventory by color & other criteria.

For more about our dresses, product availability & sizing information, please contact us today!  We offer a live chat support at the bottom right hand side of your screen or you can always email us 24 hours a day at

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