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girl's dresses in green & sage Flower girl dresses in all colors of green from sage to lime to sea grass to shades of mint and darker emeralds as well.

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Tips for buying sage green flower gil dresses:

If you're shopping for the green tones for your bridal party by browsing through a catalog, let's get an idea of what you're looking for. Sage is the most popuar because it is a natural shade that compliments so many wedding paletes. If you have an idea to plan a soft pastel or garden theme wedding you will want to check out our flower girl dresses in sage, lemon grass, and mint. If you want a bold or tropical theme wedding then check out our collection of teals and limes. These are more bright and bold colors and match with vibrant colors.

Green shades lean in two way. You can choose warm tones which will lean toward the yellowish and golden tones. These are warm and sunny and are chosen durring the summer months. This color palete is often complimented by ivory. Cooler tones lean toward the blue and include teal and mint. These are often chosen from spring to winter and match quite well with shades of white.